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Tennis Trading

Amazing, Cutting Edge Features that WILL TOTALLY TRANSFORM your Betfair Trading

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Accurately PREDICT Tennis Odds

Tennis trader has a Bookmaker Grade betting odds model. This allows you to predict where odds will be before and during the match, IMPROVING YOUR CHANCE of trading profitably.

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High Speed, Live Tennis Scores straight from the Umpire's Chair

Live, accurate, Tennis scores streamed into Bet Angel. Straight to your Betfair Trading desk.


Easily Automate Your Betfair Trading

Trade multiple matches, get alerted to key moments, or completely automate your Betfair Tennis Trading.

Tennis Odds
Tennis Trader has a bookmaker grade model, allowing you to predict the betting odds before and during the match.
High Speed
Tennis Scores
Straight from the umpire's chair into Bet Angel. Live, high speed, accurate, Tennis scores. Straight to your trading desk.
Your Betfair Trading
Trade multiple matches, get alerted to key moments, or completely automate your Betfair Tennis trading.

Supercharge Your Tennis Trading

Tennis trader has completely transformed the scope of all Betfair Tennis trading strategies, by delivering a range of never seen before features right to your favourite Betfair trading interface. Never before have such features been available in consumer facing Betfair trading sofrware.

  • Automation

    Automate your trading on tennis with easy rule creation for multiple strategies.
    FREE examples included.

  • Live Scores

    Straight from the Umpire's chair. Live scores are automatically updated in real-time to give you the latest information.

  • Watch List

    Watching several markets at once can be tricky. The Bet Angel Watch-List gives you instant and relevant information.

Tennis Trader Grid
  • Tennis Betting Model

    Use the, unique, Tennis betting odds model to see how a match is likely to play out and what the odds will be.

  • Alerts

    Tennis trader can alert you to key points that are about to occur, across hundreds of matches, simultaneously.

  • Multiple Markets

    Using Bet Angel's Guardian feature you can trade or watch multiple markets, or many trading interface at the same time.

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How Tennis Trader WILL Transform Your Betfair Trading Capabilities

When trading it's important to understand what risk you are taking and how to get a Positive Trading expectancy. If you are pursuing any Betfair Trading Strategy, that's the essential key to profitable trading!

Tennis Trader not only allows you to do that, but it also helps you find those key opportunities, quickly and efficiently.

Bet Angel Tennis Trader
Bet Angel Tennis Trader
Tennis Trader was introduced as part of Bet Angel in 2010 and as with each feature, has undergone further development and improvement ever since.

Traders have always wanted to know, “Where are the odds going and how much risk am I taking?” Now, thanks to Tennis Trader, you can have all the answers in real time right in front of you on your trading desk. No longer do you need to guess where the odds are going, Tennis Trader will tell you!

Using this unique software you can answer questions like: -

  • “Where are the key points in this match?”
  • “What will happen to the odds if there is a break of serve?”
  • “How much up or downside risk do I have on this position?”
  • “What chance of winning the next game or set?”
  • “Where should I cut out my position?”

Tennis is one of the most popular trading markets on Betfair thanks to the large amounts of volatility that occur. This produces significant trading opportunities in a lot of matches. Catch a good move and you can make good money, but a wrong one can cost you a lot. Tennis Trader will transform your trading.

Best of all Tennis Trader is free with Bet Angel Professional.

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FREE Tennis Trading Automation

No need to create Complex Automation for your favourite Betfair tennis trading strategy.

Simply visit our forum and you can download FREE Ready Made Examples which you can deploy straight away or edit to suit your trading strategy.

FREE Tennis Trading Alerts

Get Bet Angel to scan ALL Available Tennis Matches for your favourite entry or exit point.

Bet Angel can than play a sound, display a message or automatically switch you to a market so you can quickly jump on a trading opportunity.

How to Start Trading Tennis with Betfair


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Begin trading on Tennis and try the many features of Bet Angel that will help make your trading easy and profitable.